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According to supplier Occup Eye, the little battery powered sensors detect motion and heat, thereby determining the presence of someone at the desk.

What is a self liquidating promotion

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We act as an extension of your brand team and we work seamlessly with your appointed agency or directly with brands to provide a solution to all types of consumer promotions.Digitally savvy consumers are demanding faster turnarounds than traditional forms of fulfilment.But, of course, we rapidly recognized that formulation was never a clean one and is even less so in the digital age.The conversation recalled for me what might be the best generic advice I ever gave during a consulting assignment that was not incorporated by the client (which no longer exists; a company that has since been sold and merged into another) nor, as far as I know, by anybody else in the business.To do that, we did our best to measure the impact of the marketing spending that was taking place.And, to do that, we looked at sales at retail as best we could discern them — through Book Scan and through POS reports from retailers — for the weeks prior and the weeks following advertising and promotional activities to look for discernible “lift”. What was really shocking was the lack of sustained benefit from the coop marketing activities with retailers.

One thing that arose in that discussion was that a very big wad of spending was for ads in the NY Times Book Review. When we probed internally, we found that the marketers knew that would be the case, but those ads weren’t placed primarily to sell books.The validity of the self-liquidating theory, however. No small business can afford to leave excess inventory languish on warehouse shelves for long.A note offering a specified discount/saving against a product or service.Refunds and Rebates Another sales promotion idea is offering your customer the opportunity to claim their money back, via BACS, cheque, gift cards, and coupons.Maturity Matching, or “Self-Liquidating,” Approach A financing policy that matches the maturities of assets and liabilities. For the basic minimum of inventory and receivables long-term financing should be provided, although some ... possible to implement the "Self Liquidating System" without any knowledge of the Banks (3), members of the Banks Club.