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However, many polls indicate that seemingly harmless online friendships often develop into intense emotional and physical affairs that can devastate marriages.
Drunk tirades are annoying when your friends do it, but it's 100 times worse (and far more embarrassing) when a stranger you've just met starts waxing poetic about the crush they have on their 7th grade English teacher.

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Almost every story features scary situations, violence, sex, and drug use, all in very contrived narratives designed to thrill readers.

Users can sign in with Facebook to write and submit their own stories or like and comment on others.

What nobody seems to have anticipated, however, is the effect that this film would have on viewers right there in the theater.

It is fair to say without any hyperbole whatsoever that something about the experience of seeing has wreaked havoc on multiplexes across the globe.

And it's not that I think there would be different rules, but rather I need a theological framework in which to think about it, and no one wants to even begin talking.

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I also won’t tell you what to do with your free, real time, since you know what to do.

It’s no wonder that this is most people’s reaction when spotted in a cinema leaving that particular theater.

Parents need to know that HOOKED - chat stories is a "Twitter for fiction," letting users read short stories written and displayed as text message conversations.

Apparently, instead of a traditional rating system, this film should contain an VMR rating for “may cause vomiting, masturbation, and riots,” because it has produced all three results. The raw sexuality of leads Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson?

Or do people just get super horny and weird sometimes and handle it in their own way? No matter what the explanation may be, though, there is no denying that is driving people to the brink of madness and making all movie theaters Not Safe For Life.