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Sedating a horse

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Sedating Horses Safety for both the horse and the farrier appears to be the major concern when dealing with unruly horses.

And as a number of these farriers pointed out, a consistently unruly horse is usually a clear indicator that the owner has a training problem and will not be a desirable client.

Despite all he's been through, we're hopeful that Chance will make a full recovery.

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This was enough dry ice to cover the bottom of the cooler and enough acetone to cover the head of the branding iron by about one inch.

When dry ice and acetone are first combined the mixture will bubble and release a foggy vapor, but will settle down to became still and clear when the mixture has chilled.

The photos show freeze brands in various stages, from moments after the horse was branded up to three months later.

Aloe Vera has perhaps the longest recorded history of therapeutic use in humans and animals, dating back to the 16th century BC.

It remains one of the best-known and commonly used herbs in the U. today, and is applied to the skin topically as well as ingested orally for a variety of conditions.

We have a related page with basic information on what freeze branding is and what it's useful for. In the photo below you can see where the branding site on one of the horse's was shaved on its right hip.

The area is a little bigger than the actual brand, and an effort was made to make the bottom edge level to use as a guide when applying the branding iron.